A retractable awning is a great addition to any home. They are a perfect addition to your deck, porch, or patio and help you enjoy your outdoor spaces even in the hotter summer months. By providing shade while you are outside, you can enjoy lunchtime picnics outside. However, a common question that homeowners have is whether or not they need to retract their awnings before a storm or strong winds. The simple answer is you should avoid having a retractable awning open during any high winds. Similar to umbrellas, awnings have a large amount of surface area making them similar to a kite. High winds can push on that surface area until either the material rips or the entire awning frame begins to buckle and warp. In this article, we will discuss different types of weather and whether or not you need to close your retractable awning. 

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Do I Need To Close My Awning for Rain or Hail?

Rain is a common reason to close your awning. Rain can create water damage not just to the awning material but to the mechanisms. Retractable awnings often have an electrical component, so keeping the awning out during a rainstorm could put these components at risk. Similarly, hail is dangerous as not only does hail potentially cause water damage, but it also leads to impact damage. 

Do I Need To Close My Awning During Strong Winds?

Yes, as we mentioned above, winds can cause some serious problems for a retractable awning. Whenever there are high wind advisories in your area, it is usually smart to remove umbrellas, store furniture indoors (or at least tie it down), and close your retractable awning to prevent the wind from causing damage. Not only can wind hit an awning and cause it to break, but it can also pick up debris like branches that then rip the awning. 

Do I Need To Close My Awning for Snow?

Snow is another weather condition to be aware of. Snow can pile up and has many potential damage factors. The weight of snow can cause the awning frame to bend and buckle. The cold can damage electrical components. And the snow melt can cause water damage. So, if there is a blizzard, you should keep your awning closed. In fact, most people keep their awnings closed throughout the winter since they aren’t likely worried about needing shade during the winter months. 

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