Fire Pit Maintenance Tips

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Caring for Your Fire Pit

Fire pits are a great addition to any backyard or patio area, providing a visual focal point and meeting place for all. While outdoor masonry fire pits don’t require all that much maintenance and attention, there are still some things you should know as a fire pit owner so you can take the best possible care of your outdoor fire pit and help it to last a long time.

Remove Ashes from The Pit

Shoveling ashes out of your fire pit on a regular basis is an important habit to get into. Ashes are actually acidic and can cause long term damage and deterioration when left unattended over time. To make this easy we suggest getting a small ash shovel, often found with other fire pit tools, and using it to remove ashes the day after each use. You can keep a metal ash can next to the pit and deposit your ashes into it to make the process easy.

Cleaning Your Fire Pit

Over time, residue will build up, we recommend using a special low level acidic cleaning solution to scrub the fire pit with. Try a one part muriatic acid to nine parts water solution, then rinse with water and let it sit for 2-3 days before your next use.

Extinguishing Flames

Ideally, if you can let the flames in your fire pit naturally die off, that’s the best way to extinguish them. By doing this you avoid quick changes in temperature, which can cause cracks to happen in the stone. However, this isn’t always possible and you should still keep water on hand for extinguishing the flames, especially for an emergency situation.

Fire Pit Tools

Having the right set of tools can also really help you take care of your fire pit. We recommend a scoop or shovel for ash, a long poker, and some fire tongs to move around the logs and keep an even burn. This small purchase will greatly improve not only your fires but also the condition of your fire pit over time.

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How to Shade Your Deck or Patio This Summer

retractable awning

Getting sunshine is one of the best parts about having a functional deck or patio to lounge at during the spring and summer. These outdoor spaces are great for sunbathing or other outdoor activities, but too much sun can also be a problem. Having control over how much sun you want, when you want it can really come in handy, especially if you’re already sporting a sunburn. This is why retractable awnings for your deck or patio is a trend coming back in a big way.

If you’ve ever tried working from home while the sun is filling your screen with glare, then you know the struggle. Shade is the only solution to this problem, and large canopies and patio awnings are a great way to do it.

Retractable Awnings

When planning out the design of your deck, there’s no shortage of choices for awnings. One of the most common, and most practical options is a retractable awning. These extend, retract, and can even be easily removed depending on your preferences or the weather. They filter out harmful UV rays while also giving you a break from the harsh sun. Depending on your needs, they are available both motorized and manually retractable variations. Motorized awnings give you the convenience of retracting and extending at the push of a button, while standard awnings offer less moving parts and complications.

Canopy Awnings

Alternatively, you could look into a canopy style awning. These are great for geographic areas that are a little drier or that have warm weather year round. However they don’t perform well with heavy snow or rain, so we don’t typically recommend them to our New England clients.

For those of us who do have to deal with tougher winters and wet seasons, sometimes a metal deck awning is the right fit for a client, but it certainly doesn’t offer the same flexibility or summery feel of a retractable awning.

Shade Sails

If you’re looking for something a little more low key and flexible, shade sails are an easy-up and easy-down solution. They come in really any color or style you can imagine and are usually a little more affordable than the other options. While this thin fabric won’t offer much protection from the elements they do still provide some much needed shade and can truly be an accessory to your home.

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Why You Should Get an Outdoor Fire Pit for Summer

outdoor natural gas fire pit surrounded by furniture

During summer nights, we often want to spend time outdoors, but lack a good way to do so. In a word that is so dominated by screens on our phones, computers and TVs, spending quality time around a fire pit is a nice return to simple living, free of distractions. Not only do outdoor fireplaces and fire pits provide warmth at night, but they can also act as a very design driven centerpiece in your patio or backyard area.


Fire Pits are a Great Way to Style Your Patio

Outdoor fireplaces can be built to match the design language of your home. From metal to stone they come in a wide variety of styles both modern and more traditional. A high quality fire pit can definitely set the tone for the rest of your back yard or patio set up, and many enthusiasts end up investing in higher quality outdoor furniture once they realize how much time they’re spending outside.


Fire Pits are Easy to Installation

Fire Pits are relatively inexpensive and easy to install compared to some of the more complex backyard staples such as pools, trampolines, or playgrounds. Not only are outdoor fire pits affordable, but they can definitely contribute additional value to your home and can be a great selling point for those looking to put their house on the market in the near future. Fire pits are available at nearly every price point, from simple fire bowls to custom stone or iron, you can find a fire pit for any budget.


Fire Pits are Great for Gatherings

A fire pit creates a focal point for your outdoor gathering. Some might say that it’s simply in our DNA to gather around a fire. Solidify your position as the go-to host for the neighborhood barbecue with a centerpiece that doubles as a conversation piece.


Fire Pits Come in a Variety of Fuel Options

The most popular fuel option for fire pits are wood, natural gas, and propane. If you’re looking for a more natural experience and you have more space, wood is a great option, but be aware that it’s more work to find firewood, chop it and light a wood fire. Natural gas and propane have the benefits of being ready to go at the flick of a switch. They also require less space and are usually more safe than a wood fire pit. The main difference is that a natural gas pit cannot be moved and pulls from your home’s supply of natural gas. A propane powered fire pit can be moved, but you also have to deal with a clunky propane tank which isn’t always the most stylish option.


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Outdoor Furniture Trends for Spring 2021

outdoor patio with furniture

This past year has been unlike others, and the inability to travel had us all craving nature and the outdoors more strongly than ever before. We saw a massive increase in families creating spaces in their home that resemble the places around the world they love the most. For most people, this meant creating outdoor spaces that were comfortable, functional and stylish. There’s no need to escape to a new city when you can escape to your very own backyard.

With travel still suspended for most, we expect these trends to continue into 2021, as work from home continues and people adapt their homes to their new lifestyles.  People are looking to bring the tropical vacation vibes to their homes once again for spring and summer.

Outdoor Fire Pits

In the summer, outdoor firepits become the perfect night time escape to gather with friends or family. Not only do they provide much needed heat at night, but they also provide a much needed space for outdoor gatherings. Outdoor fire pits can also provide more structure to your patio or outdoor area. They can be found in a wide variety of styles and materials to complement the design language of your home, patio or backyard area. These fire pits help bring the feeling of a fancy vacation to your living space!

Comfort Over Everything

Another trend we are seeing is that basic furniture like plastic chairs or even wire benches just aren’t cutting it anymore. Those who are working at home or just spending more time than usual at home are investing in more comfortable chairs with larger cushions. Whether you’re looking to get some work done outside and need some sunshine in your WFH routine or want to catch the sunset after a productive day, better furniture can help you enjoy your time outside to the fullest.

Tile Patios

Tile patios are an emerging trend that can bring a lot of color and energy into your backyard living area, depending on the tile pattern you choose of course. This is another great example of people really looking for change in scenery while staying put. The right tile choice can be not only very stylish but also quite durable. 

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