Fireplace Accessories

At New England Hearth and Home, we have a wide selection of quality fireplace and stove accessories in whatever style you prefer! Our fireplace tools are extremely durable and will last you for years to come.

Wood Fireplace Grates

These wood fireplace grates are made of wrought iron and can withstand high temperatures from burning logs. Not only do they help prop up your logs in your fireplace but they allow for more airflow, which leads to a better burn. Every wood fireplace needs a set of grates to keep their logs in place. We have a variety of sizes for different sized fireplaces, as well as a few different styles of grates.

Log Displays

While fireplace grates are great for holding your logs while they’re burning, every good fireplace should have a display to hold your logs before they go in as well. These displays keep your logs nice and dry, and also keep wood chips from crowding your floor around the fireplace. We have a variety of sizes and styles of log displays to fit your needs.

Fireplace Tool Sets

Every good fireplace needs a proper set of fireplace tools Each set comes with a poker, a shovel, a tong, a broom, and a stand to store them on. These tools are vital to keeping your fire roaring and adjusting your logs while keeping safe and burn-free.

Chimney Brush Cleaners

When left uncleaned, chimney buildup can cause chimney fires and serious  damage to your home. Our chimney brush cleaners will help you eliminate the buildup and can be used in conjunction with a chimney cleaning log to clear out soot and creosote. 

Cleaning Products

We have a wide range of fireplace cleaning products for different purposes, including chimney brush cleaners, creosote remover, and other surface cleaning products for around your fireplace to keep ash and soot out of your home and away from your family.

Other Decorative Accessories

We have a variety of other decorative items and accessories to complement your fireplace and keep it looking fresh. Included in this are our wood stove kettles, which are made of cast iron and are perfect for heating up water or humidifying a room over a hot fire.

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