Removal of Existing Stoves and Fireplaces

removal of fireplace

If you’re doing any sort of remodeling in your home, there’s plenty of things you’re probably ready to upgrade; Floors, furniture, appliances, paint colors, and maybe even your fireplace. Many families today are choosing to replace their traditional fireplace or wood stoves with a gas insert, for a more modern approach. Once you’ve found a new fireplace that better matches your aesthetic, you’re probably thinking of the logistics; How are we going to get rid of the old fireplace? When you choose to shop with New England Hearth & Home, you’re in luck; We can do removals of existing fireplaces, too! Whether you currently have a wood stove, electric, or gas fireplace, we can help.

Removing Wood Stoves

Clunky old wood stoves may still do the job, but the space that they take up and pollutants that they can cause are making many homeowners make the switch to a more modern system. Did you know that replacing an old wood stove with a more efficient, environmentally friendly system can actually increase the value of your home? Whether you choose to replace it with a new EPA-approved system, or a gas fireplace, we can help with the removal process. It’s always best to enlist a professional, to ensure the job gets done safely and thoroughly.

Electric and Gas Fireplace Removal  

Since an electric fireplace likely doesn’t have a chimney or flue, it makes it one of the easiest types to remove. However, there is more to it than simply taking out the insert, which is why you’ll want to hire someone to do the job. A gas fireplace does require some sort of ventilation, making the removal process a bit more involved. If you need a gas or electric fireplace removed, you can count on the experts at New England Hearth & Home! Fill out an online form for a service request, or give us a call today at 781-562-0771 to learn more.