Retractable Awnings

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yellow striped awning


New England Hearth & Home is pleased to offer a selection of motorized awnings for your home or office building in a number of sizes and color designs. Our selection includes top-quality awnings from the best in the industry, including Summer Space Awning & Screen Systems.

These motorized awnings are convenient and simple to use. With the push of a button on your remote, your awning will open or close in a matter of seconds! The radio wave technology also allows you to control the awning from inside or outside. This allows you the flexibility to change whether you want it to be fully open or retracted at any time.

Living in Massachusetts, we know that New England weather can be unpredictable. One minute the sun will be shining, and the next thing you know the skies are opening and a rainstorm ruins your outdoor gathering. Don’t let the weather end your gatherings early this season! By investing in an awning, you’re not only adding a new decorative accent, but also a functional piece. Provide your family, guests, or employees with a comfortable outdoor space that could be sunny, full shade, or shield you from the rain.

Did you know that retractable awnings also offer effective UV protection? Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation, Sunsetter Awnings are the only motorized awning to be 100% UL approved.

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