Our Fireplace Services in Brockton MA

Brockton is located in the Plymouth Country, approximately 25 miles south of Boston. With a population of over 95,000 people and 21.6 square miles of land, Brockton is the 7th largest city in Massachusetts. Fun fact: Did you know Brockton holds the world record for the most people wearing a Santa hat in one place at one time? They broke this record in 2011 with 1792 Santa hat wearers in downtown Brockton! In a city that clearly has an appreciation for the holidays, what better way to celebrate than next to a beautiful new gas fireplace!

Fireplace Accessories in Brockton, MA

When you have a fireplace in your home, it’s important to have accessories to use to be able to clean and care for it. At New England Hearth & Home, our fireplace experts are happy to provide the proper fireplace accessories to go along with your specific fireplace. We offer accessories such as log displays, cleaning products, grates, and more! We can recommend what is best and what is trendy in the fireplace market!

Fireplace Doors in Brockton, MA

Fireplace doors are a great way to change the style of your fireplace! Trends come and go, and changing up your fireplace doors is a great way to keep up with the trends. If you are redoing your living room, redo your fireplace effortlessly! Our fireplace experts can help you choose from a variety of brands of doors such as Stoll, Thermo-Rite, David Kimberly, and Design Specialties. We want your fireplace to always look its best!

Visit Our Showroom

Brockton is approximately a 20-30 minute ride from our showroom in Canton. Come stop by and check out our line of gas, electric, pellet, and wood fireplaces. For your outdoor space, we also offer outdoor fire pits, grills, and kitchens. To ensure your units are running efficiently and effectively, we offer our full range of services to all Brockton residents. This includes the installation of fireplaces, removal of existing fireplaces, chimney repairs, annual cleanings, and other routine maintenance. Our services will keep your home safe and warm all season. For more information or to schedule service, please call or complete the service request form.