Gas & Electric Fireplaces in Norfolk MA

Norfolk is a small town in Massachusetts, home to approximately 12,000 residents. If your home in Norfolk is in need of a new, cozy fireplace, come visit our showroom in Canton MA! Located just a few miles away, New England Hearth & Home features a display of gas and electric fireplaces, as well as wood and pellet stoves. If you’re looking for an elegant, modern style fireplace, gas is a great option. Electric is a perfect alternative if venting will be an issue. All they require is an outlet to be plugged in, and they are ready to be mounted on a wall and turned on! Or, if you prefer the traditional crackling of a wood fireplace, our selection is top of the line.

Fireplace Installation, Repairs & Maintenance in Norfolk MA

New England Hearth & Home not only provides top quality fireplaces, but we are also committed to making sure they run safely and effectively in your home. We provide installation of gas, electric and wood fireplaces. We’ll work with you to determine how and where the fireplace will be vented, and assist with other design considerations. We’re also here year-round to provide annual maintenance and repairs that may be necessary. If your fireplace in Norfolk MA is in need of a service, fill out a request form today!