How & Where to Properly Dispose Ash from Wood-Burning Fireplaces

While wood-burning fireplaces can add warmth and ambiance to your home, they also require routine cleaning and maintenance to keep them running like new for years to come. Part of keeping your fireplace in top condition is regularly clearing out the ash and residue left from burning logs. If this ash builds up, it can cause smoke to fill your home and release harmful toxins into the air. As important as cleaning out this ash, it is equally important to dispose of it to avoid any potential hazards properly. In this blog, we will discuss how often and where you should dispose of fireplace ash to keep your home safe and your fireplace functioning at its best.

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Importance of Routine Cleaning & Maintenance for Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Although wood-burning can improve the ambiance and value of your home, the key to taking advantage of these benefits is to keep your hearth in good working condition. This includes annual inspections, timely repairs for any damages, and routine cleaning. As your logs burn, they are reduced to piles and specks of soot. Over time, these soot particles can build up and block airflow through your fireplace. This eventually leads to smoke being directed into your home rather than through the chimney. Ash is also a harmful toxin for humans and pets to inhale. Cleaning out the ash regularly is essential to protect your loved ones and keep your home smoke-free.

How Often Should You Clean Out Fireplace Ash?

You should clean out any remaining soot and residue whenever you use your wood-burning fireplace. This will keep the debris from building up and creating potential hazards. In addition, it is recommended to perform a thorough deep clean of the entire hearth once a week. This includes wiping down the glass doors, replacing rotted or worn-down logs, and vacuuming the surrounding area.

Where Should You Throw Away Fireplace Soot & Ash?

Due to the harmful toxins that ash and soot can release into the air, it is essential to dispose of them properly. If you are quick to place them into your everyday trash, they may still be able to get into the air. Before throwing them away, wait until the ash is cool to the touch. Then, transfer it into a metal container with a tight-fitting lid. This will prevent any remaining ash from being dispersed into your home or neighborhood. Once contained, you can safely dispose of the container in your outdoor or garage trash bin.

Do Professional Fireplace Companies Clean Out Ash During Annual Inspections?

At New England Hearth & Home, we not only provide top-notch fireplace installations and repairs, but we also offer annual inspections and routine maintenance to keep your home safe. During our inspection, our skilled technicians will not only check for any potential damages but also clean out any debris and ash that may have built up in your fireplace. Many homeowners quickly clean out the main ashtray, leaving soot and debris in other hard-to-reach areas. Our professional services ensure that your fireplace is completely clean and in top condition for you to enjoy.

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