Fireplace Safety: Tips for Hanging Christmas Stockings & Decorations

As the holidays are right around the corner, many homeowners are beginning to decorate their homes to match the season’s festive spirit. While the tree is often the main centerpiece, tinsel, lights, and stockings are also staple pieces for many households. Christmas stockings hanging above the fireplace have become a tradition, but as they can be made of flammable material, it is important to follow safety precautions. In this blog, we will discuss the best tips for hanging Christmas stockings and decorations from your fireplace to help prevent fires and keep your home safe.

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Is It Safe to Hang Christmas Stockings from the Fireplace?

Seeing stockings hanging above the fireplace is a classic image of the holiday season. Illumined by the warm glow of the fire, it is a classic scene many of us have grown up with. However, it is important to know that hanging stockings from the fireplace can pose a serious fire hazard if not done properly. As most stockings are made of flammable materials like cotton or polyester, they can easily catch fire if they come into direct contact with the flames. Hanging stockings from your fireplace can be safe when done with caution, and the right safety measures are put in place.

Can You Hang Stockings from Brick Fireplace Mantles?

If your fireplace mantle is made of bricks and mortar, nailing or screwing hooks into it can weaken the structure and cause bricks to become loose. Opting for adhesive hooks or velcro strips that can easily be removed without any damage is recommended.

Top Safety Tips for Hanging Christmas Stockings from Fireplace

When you are ready to hang your Christmas stockings from the fireplace, it is important to follow all safety precautions to avoid any accidents. Some of the best tips for hanging stockings and preventing accidental fires are:

Hang the Stocking At Least 3 Feet Above the Fireplace

As you start to measure and map out where you would like to hang your stockings, keeping a safe distance from the flames is key. It is recommended to hang stockings at least 3 feet above the fireplace to reduce the risk of them catching fire. If any sparks or burning soot were to fly through the air, the distance could make a huge difference in preventing a potential fire.

Avoid Overloading Your Stockings

Although it may be tempting to fill your stockings to the top with gifts, it is important to avoid overloading them. Too much weight can cause the stocking to sag and potentially fall into the fireplace. As you fill your stockings, make sure to distribute the weight evenly and avoid placing heavy objects on one side.

Use Non-Flammable Hooks or Strips

As mentioned earlier, nails and traditional metal hooks can pose a serious fire hazard when hung above the fireplace. Instead, opt for non-flammable adhesive hooks or strips that are specifically designed to hold stockings and decorations in place without causing any damage.

Spray New Stockings with Fire-Resistant Protectant

New stockings are the most prone to catching fire, as their fibers are not yet worn and flammable materials may have been used during manufacturing. To reduce this risk, invest in a fire-resistant protectant spray that will help prevent the stockings from catching fire in case of any accidents. Before choosing to do this, make sure to read all labels to ensure the product is safe.

Never Leave a Fireplace Unattended When In-Use

If your fireplace is in use, there should always be someone keeping a watchful eye. Even if you do not have any decorations hanging, it is important never to leave a fire unattended. In case of an emergency, having someone present can make all the difference.

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