Choosing Between a Charcoal or Gas Grill

grill with flames

While there’s no right or wrong way to cook your food, there are certain reasons to choose either a gas or a charcoal grill depending on your preference. So, before you visit your local hearth and home store, you should consider a few things about each type of grill when purchasing your next one.

Benefits to Using a Gas Grill

One of the most significant benefits of a gas grill is that you don’t have to wait for the charcoal to ignite. Many people who use gas grills enjoy it for convenience reasons. They can come home, turn it on, and it’s ready to go for some grilling. Along with the efficiency of using a gas grill, here are some other benefits you can expect from your purchase:

  • Gas usually tends to be cheaper than charcoal.
  • It can be easier to clean than charcoal.
  • You can hook your gas grill up to the gas line in your home for endless cooking fuel.
  • Some gas grills come with accessories such as side burners or smoke boxes. Using a smoke box can help you get a charcoal flavor from using a gas grill.
  • When cooking, gas grills give off steam, which some cooks say adds moisture to any meat you’re preparing.

Gas grills are simple and easy to use. As long as you make sure to turn off the gas after use, cooking on them can be a breeze. Some gas grills are produced to use gas fuel and charcoal so that you can switch between the two depending on what you’re feeling that day. Keep in mind these grills tend to be more expensive. 

Benefits of Using Charcoal Grills

One of the most notable benefits of using a charcoal grill is that they’re significantly less costly than gas grills. Most of the time, you can pick up a small charcoal grill for under $100. Aside from the cost, here are a few more advantages to buying a charcoal grill:

  • When heated, the coals provide the heat for cooking and generally don’t flare up like open flame gas grills. (This doesn’t mean they’re safer, though.) If you want to be safe while grilling, check out these safety tips.
  • Charcoal grills are usually more portable than gas grills. This makes them great for camping trips or weekend getaways.
  • Charcoal burns hotter than gas does.
  • Since you can’t turn down the heat, you can leave areas without briquettes to control the temperature. 
  • Many people prefer the smoke flavor a charcoal grill provides on their food.

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