The Benefits of a Pellet Stove

Sometimes we crave a real fire in our home during the winter months to keep everything comfortable and warm. The hard part can be knowing what kind of stove would work best for your home. There are different installation methods and price points depending on the stove of your choosing. The most common dilemma is deciding between installing a wood stove or a pellet stove. We believe that a pellet stove may be perfect for you rather than a wood stove. In this blog, we will discuss pellet stoves and their benefits for your home and the environment.

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Pellet Stoves Are Easy to Use

Unlike other stoves, a pellet stove does not require you to keep wood for fuel. Instead, you just need to purchase pellets and fill the stove with them. No need to split firewood or to utilize a large area to keep wood. Pellets are easy to store and are environmentally friendly because they are typically reused materials made from sawdust. They are even easier to turn on than other stoves because they utilize an igniter that allows you to turn it on at the push of a button.

Fewer Maintenance Requirements

Wood stoves require a lot of maintenance because of the amount of smoke and chemicals they produce. For wood stoves, you need to make sure the chimney is constantly clear of debris and creosote. Wood stoves produce large amounts of smoke which is why they need catalytic converters to be properly maintained. However, pellet stoves do not require the same tedious tasks. On top of the low maintenance it even has easy installation. They produce much less smoke and don’t even require a chimney during installation. They can get away with using a small tube that utilizes forced ventilation. This means you can theoretically place your pellet stove in any area as long as it has a wall and an electrical outlet.

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The Cleaner Alternative to Wood Stoves

Pellet stoves produce 50% less carbon emissions because they are able to utilize both pellets and natural gasses. This will lead to you helping your environment and your home in the long run. Pellet stoves also keep your home cleaner by not having wood lying around inside. Wood can attract numerous types of insects that can be unappealing or annoying to deal with, to say the least. Pellets avoid this problem altogether and keep the pests at bay by not attracting them.

Pellet Stoves Are More Efficient

Whilst wood stoves may seem more visually appealing and can create a nicer aesthetic. Pellet stoves are much more efficient at actually heating up your home. A pellet stove can exceed 90% in efficiency. This means that the majority of the heat being generated is being pushed back out into the home instead of being lost. Wood stoves tend to have a much lower efficiency rating typically half of a pellet stove. Having nearly half the production of a pellet stove means that wood stoves are not as reliable when used to heat a home. Pellet stoves even cost much less than a wood stove does. In some cases, this can include the cost of installation along with the pellet stove being cheaper than just the cost of a wood stove itself.

Pellet stove that is burning in the corner of a room

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