How to Shade Your Deck or Patio This Summer

retractable awning

Getting sunshine is one of the best parts about having a functional deck or patio to lounge at during the spring and summer. These outdoor spaces are great for sunbathing or other outdoor activities, but too much sun can also be a problem. Having control over how much sun you want, when you want it can really come in handy, especially if you’re already sporting a sunburn. This is why retractable awnings for your deck or patio is a trend coming back in a big way.

If you’ve ever tried working from home while the sun is filling your screen with glare, then you know the struggle. Shade is the only solution to this problem, and large canopies and patio awnings are a great way to do it.

Retractable Awnings

When planning out the design of your deck, there’s no shortage of choices for awnings. One of the most common, and most practical options is a retractable awning. These extend, retract, and can even be easily removed depending on your preferences or the weather. They filter out harmful UV rays while also giving you a break from the harsh sun. Depending on your needs, they are available both motorized and manually retractable variations. Motorized awnings give you the convenience of retracting and extending at the push of a button, while standard awnings offer less moving parts and complications.

Canopy Awnings

Alternatively, you could look into a canopy style awning. These are great for geographic areas that are a little drier or that have warm weather year round. However they don’t perform well with heavy snow or rain, so we don’t typically recommend them to our New England clients.

For those of us who do have to deal with tougher winters and wet seasons, sometimes a metal deck awning is the right fit for a client, but it certainly doesn’t offer the same flexibility or summery feel of a retractable awning.

Shade Sails

If you’re looking for something a little more low key and flexible, shade sails are an easy-up and easy-down solution. They come in really any color or style you can imagine and are usually a little more affordable than the other options. While this thin fabric won’t offer much protection from the elements they do still provide some much needed shade and can truly be an accessory to your home.

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Fireplace Trends We Will See in 2021

trendy fireplace

With every new year comes new trends! Fireplaces are included in that. Being able to change so many aspects of your fireplace and mantle, updating and staying trendy is easy. Here are some fireplace trends we will see in the months to come:

Emphasizing Your Fireplace Mantel

Using your fireplace mantel as a stylish piece of décor will be trendy this year. With many people doing away with even having a mantel, bringing it back in style will add a new element to anyone’s space. Modern, rustic, and Mediterranean types of mantels are said to what’s in style for 2021. These styles are versatile and easily made to be fitting for any living room or space in your home!

Natural-Textured Fireplaces

While the modern look was all the rage the past couple of years, many homeowners might be opting for a more natural and subtle look for their fireplaces in 2021. Modern materials are used to create these natural-looking fireplaces, though. Some materials you may see include concrete, Glass, metal, plaster, and wood. Concrete is a great option for those looking for a minimalist look, Glass is great for a transparent option, and metal is perfect for homeowners who want an industrial feel.

Tiled Fireplaces

Tiles are a reliable and trendy option to put on your fireplace. There are so many styles to choose from to fit your home’s decor and color scheme. There is pebbled tile, ceramic tile, glass mosaic tile, marble tile, and patterned tile. Pebbled tile is an eco-friendly option that might be one of the most popular materials for tiles. Ceramic is a classic material that will still have your fireplace looking trendy and chic. Glass can provide a modern touch along with a luxurious look!

TV Over Your Fireplace

More and more homeowners are caving in and placing their TV over their fireplace. Many people have had either mirrors or pictures above their mantel, but with the changing times and living rooms becoming a more casual space, TVs are making their way up there. The TV’s flatness mixed with something like a gas or electric fireplace provides a chic look to any home.

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Unique Places in Your Home to Install a Fireplace

When you see a fireplace in someone’s home, it’s typically in the living room. Since fireplaces are an amenity that started in the 1600s, living rooms were the best part of the house in terms of ventilation. While fireplaces’ look has changed, many people stray away from installing them in other parts of their homes. Here are some rooms in your home where you should consider installing a fireplace:

Fireplace in Your Master Bath

Master bathrooms are the peak of relaxation in a home. Usually, there is a soaking tub or jacuzzi, double vanity, and a lot of space. If you spend a big part of your day in your master bathroom, adding a fireplace can make it even more enjoyable. Colder mornings will be warmer, and relaxing in the bath after a long day will be full of ambiance. Once you think about adding one to your bathroom, you won’t be able to get the idea out of your head!

Fireplace in Your Kitchen

These days, kitchens are more dynamic than ever! From entertaining to cooking, a kitchen can be used for so much. Since many people opt for an open concept kitchen when remodeling, they find themselves eating meals there. Adding a fireplace for holiday dinners and having friends over can create a restaurant atmosphere and add warmth and comfort to the space.

Fireplace in Your Foyer

Adding a warm welcome for your guests or yourself after a long day is something easy to do with a fireplace in your foyer! Even if you have a small entryway, there are small fireplaces to match. Having a fireplace in your foyer is a pleasant surprise and a unique addition to your home.

Fireplace in Your Exercise Room

Having a fireplace in a room that you associate with sweat and being hot probably doesn’t make sense at first. Luckily, electric fireplaces can give the appearance of a fire without the heat! If you do yoga, Pilates, or another relaxing form of exercise, having a fireplace in the room with you can add to the calming and soothing vibes.

Fireplace in Your Outdoor Living Space

As the weather gets cooler and the nights getting shorter, adding a fireplace to your backyard living space can increase the amount of time you’re able to spend out there. Fireplaces are an excellent option for inside and outside of the home. Keep you and your guests warm while also adding extra light!

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Dressing Your Fireplace For Summer

decorative fireplace with candle display

The blizzards, bitter cold days, and brutal winter months are finally behind us. As we step into the warmer, sunnier months of summer, we can’t wait to turn down the heat and crank the AC. You probably won’t be lighting your fireplace anytime soon, so why not turn your functional heating unit into a decorative piece for the summer? We’ve created a list of some of our favorite design ideas to keep your fireplace looking stylish all summer long!

Paint it Bright:

Rather than painting the entire room, adding a pop of color to your fireplace surround can create the same cheery effect, with about half the work. For a bold look, try a sunny yellow to liven up your space. If you’re feeling daring, spice it up with a chartreuse to quickly transform your interior. Or to obtain a more clean look, using a stark white can still brighten up the room with a more subtle touch. Add some pastel accents in and around the fireplace to still achieve a lighthearted summer look.

Create a Display:

Perhaps even easier than adding a coat of paint, creating a simple display inside of your fireplace can be a unique way to dress it up.  A ceramic vase of hand-picked flowers or long twirly twigs can bring a touch of nature into your room. Grab an antique statue that’s been lying around for years, or that hand-woven basket you never knew what to do with, and place it in your fireplace. You can even turn traditional logs into decorative pieces by painting and carefully stacking them in and around your fireplace. Try installing a mirror to bounce natural light all around the room and make your space appear even larger.

Decorative Screen Divider:

For the simplest solution of all, choose a decorative screen divider to hide your empty fireplace for the summer. Choose any design or color you’d like to make your fireplace pop. You can even make it a DIY project by using removable wallpaper on an existing foldable screen!


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