Fireplace Trends We’ll See in 2020

Fireplaces seem to go in and out of style – and fast. 2019 brought back fireplaces as a focal point in living rooms, dining rooms, as well as bedrooms. Lets see what 2020 is predicted to have in store for us.

Linear Interior

In 2020, big, linear and contemporary fireplaces will be installed in homes. Not even just contemporary-styled homes, but even just in regular ones as well. Linear fireplaces are a versatile style and can be placed anywhere in a home. These are becoming more versatile and are found in more homes rather than just newer ones.

Large Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are expanding their size. A larger face area of the fireplace has a sense of elegance and prestige. In the past, fireplaces have has a more rectangle shape but are now becoming square. This makes a better area for the fire to be viewable to the room its in.

Flexibility of Fireplaces

Traditionally, fireplaces would require non-flammable materials to surround it such as brick, stone, or tile. Now there is technology that allows wood and wallpaper to surround it as well. It is also okay for TVs to be hung directly above without putting the TV at risk. 2020 will bring even more fireplace styles that stray from traditional.

Cornered Style

Open floor plans are becoming more and more common in new construction, as well as complete renovations. Adding a cornered fireplace can add a sense of division between parts of an open floor plan. It still leaves you with the open feeling, but differentiates parts of the room as a whole. A great way to add this style is by putting a textured design above the fireplace made of combustible materials.

Controlled Heat

Newer construction and renovation materials are made to be more insulated and energy-conscious than older ones. This results in not needing as much heat to keep a house warm. Having a fireplace with controllable heat options allows you to have it heat your home, but also not use too much energy. This is good if you want the fireplace to just have an aesthetically-pleasing look in whichever room it is in, without over-heating the area.

Smart Remotes for Your Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are a smart technology these days. They can be controlled by a remote, just like a TV. With this, you are able to maintain a certain temperature and save energy. It’s basically a portable thermostat. You can also set it to turn off at certain times, like at night if you want it on before bed.

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