5 Reasons to Add an Awning to Your Outdoor Space

Homeowners are constantly on the hunt for new ways to improve their outdoor space. The inside of your home may seem like it’s easier to improve than the outside, but there’s a simple outdoor addition you’re probably overlooking! An awning is the outdoor addition you’ve been missing and we’re here to tell you why. 

Sun protection

An awning adds immediate protection from the sun. This new sun protection means you and your family can enjoy time outdoors without having to apply layers of sunscreen. In addition to protecting your skin, and awning protects your furniture too. Overtime the sun will bleach the fabric of your furniture, but an awning stops the fading and bleaching in it’s tracks. 

More Space

An awning increases the livable space in your home. You can use the covered outdoor area as a second living room, dining room, or anything else that you choose! It’s ideal for people who love to entertain but find their house always feels too cramped. If you have kids or pets that need space to run and play without tearing up the house, why not create that space for them right outside your back door? 

Outdoor Style

Incorporating your personal style into the exterior of your home is a challenge. Awnings come in a variety of colors and patterns that act as a statement piece, creating a certain ambiance and style outdoors. You can find an awning to match the outdoor décor you already have or use your new awning as the perfect excuse to redecorate! 

Temperature Control

An awning works to block the sun from your outdoor and indoor spaces at the same time. This will help keep the temperatures cool and enjoyable, even on the sunniest summer days. In fact, an awning can lower the temperature of your patio by 20 degrees! 

Saving Money

 The temperature control and sun protection will work together to save you money. Your furniture will need replaced less often and your thermostat won’t have to be on as often; especially when you start spending all of your time outside!

Making the choice to get an awning installed in your outdoor space may seem like a big decision, but all of these benefits make it seem a whole lot simpler! Fall in love with the exterior of your home all over again and explore the outdoor possibilities with a new awning from New England Hearth & Home!