Why You Should Choose a Gas Fireplace

As a homeowner, you have several decisions to make, including which fireplace to choose. There are several types of fireplaces, but the best one is a gas fireplace. It’s true the traditional fireplace will give you a great scene of the fire meeting the wood, with flames producing beautiful embers. However, gas fireplaces are installed more frequently today. We’ll tell you seven reasons why you should install a gas fireplace, informing you of the best reasons. Also, we’ll tell you how to contact a professional to assist you to install a gas fireplace. 

Seven Reasons to Install a Gas Fireplace

We’ve found seven reasons to install a gas fireplace, which include:

    • Convenience: It’s easy having a gas fireplace, as it’s not as time-consuming as a wood-burning fireplace. You won’t have to collect and store firewood. With a gas fireplace, all you do is turn on a switch. Newer models have timers so you won’t have to worry about putting out the fire.  You also don’t need a chimney, meaning a gas fireplace can be installed anywhere in the home.
    • No worries: It’s much safer to have a gas fireplace. There are no toxic fumes or open flames, which is an excellent option for those with children to keep them safer. 
    • Legal everywhere: Unlike wood-burning fireplaces that are banned in some states, gas fireplaces are legal everywhere as of today. 
    • Less maintenance: Since gas fireplaces don’t produce ashes, there’s less to clean and no build-up. Regular inspections are still a must, however, just in case.
    • Green friendly: We’re in an age of an influx of environmentally friendly products, and gas fireplaces are one of them. There are fewer emissions that burn cleaner, making this an environmentally-friendly choice.  
    • Cheaper: Who doesn’t like saving money? Gas fireplaces are cost-effective, saving up to 25% on your utility bills. You can definitely save money if you choose zone heating, which allows you to heat the current room you are using. 
    • Better temperatures: Gas fireplaces are much warmer than wood-burning fireplaces, as the built-in blower allows for better air circulation. This allows warm air to travel throughout your home. 





There are so many benefits to installing a gas fireplace, it’s no wonder more homes are installing them than the traditional wood-burning fireplaces. From being safer to cheaper, gas fireplaces are the way to go. We have a wide selection of fireplaces at New England Hearth & Home, and our experts will be happy to help you find just the right one! Stop by our fireplace store in Canton or give us a call today at 781-562-0771 to get started!