Painting Color Trends for Fireplace 2018

Painting fireplaces made of brick and other materials has been a huge trend this year, with a more artistic aesthetic than we have been seeing in the past. By painting your fireplace, you can allow for a bit more of a pop of color than before. Let’s take a look at some of the color trends for this year so far.

  • Bright Yellow: These tones of bright yellow are amazing in that they can really make your fireplace pop more than normally. With bright yellows, you can see that the room really brightens up by attracting light, as well as matching perfectly with tones such as greys.
  • Bright Blue: Dark, ocean-colored blues can be the perfect way to really add some depth of color to the room. If the room is extremely light, sometimes a darker color is what is needed to really pull the room together.
  • White: This classic color is amazing for almost any kind of room, including rooms with slightly muted colors. The white on a colorful background can really make your fireplace the centerpiece of the room and allow you to really highlight the fireplace as the hearth of the home.
  • Burnt Orange: a nice burnt color is perfect if you are looking for a more colorful room. From reds to yellows to warm colors in general, the burnt orange is the perfect complement to these colors.

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