3 Great Ways to Update an Old Fireplace

Moving into a historic home can be very exciting! After all, you can’t replicate the character and history of an old house in a new construction project. There are, however, also some challenges that come with living in an older residence. Fireplaces can be one such issue.

While most families enjoy having fireplaces, they are sometimes very unhappy with the appearance of older ones. They often look outdated and bring down the overall appearance of an entire room. This guide will give you a few ideas for how you can bring new life to an old fireplace. There are dozens of different kinds of updates you can do; you are only limited by your creativity! Here, however, we will look at three awesome options.

  1. Paint – If your budget is tight, but you want a quick, dramatic change for your fireplace, a little bit of paint can go a long way! Painting a red brick fireplace bright white, for example, will completely change the look of your room. Paint is actually an especially good option for brick fireplaces because the paint will adhere easily. To further update your old fireplace, consider adding a new mantle made from affordable materials, such as pallet wood.
  2. Tile – Cool tiles don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, you can find gorgeous, affordable tiles at salvage yards, thrift stores, and even brand new from home decor shops. Tile work can be a bit challenging, but if you do your research, you should absolutely be able to DIY your fireplace project. If, however, you think you need professional help, don’t hesitate to hire a contractor to help.
  3. Stone Veneers – Stone veneers are a great way to update an older fireplace because they’re incredibly easy to install and are relatively affordable for a small space like a fireplace surround. These veneers give the look of real stone without all of the efforts, plus they’ll completely change the appearance of your outdated fireplace. They are especially good for homeowners who are going for rustic or Northwoods themes in their houses.

Your fireplace should be a source of enjoyment for you and your loved ones. Don’t let the idea of updating it stress you out! Hopefully, these ideas have gotten you thinking about what you can do to make your fireplace truly fit into your home for decades to come.

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