The Benefits of an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces are slowly but surely becoming a more popular choice when it comes to new construction homes, especially in more urban areas and buildings with multiple units. However, this trend is still relatively new, and many people don’t understand all the benefits of the electric fireplace. While there are plenty of reasons you might want to opt for a more traditional fireplace, we’ve outlined the specifics of why that could actually be not the best idea in the long run.

Affordable Installation

Most don’t realize that a full fireplace is usually one of the first parts of a home to go up. In most cases, homes are built around chimneys rather than the other way around. While it is possible to add a chimney and a full stone or brick fireplace to your home, it is a major investment that most likely won’t increase the value of your home by very much. Because there’s no need for a chimney on an electric fireplace, the price to install it is significantly less expensive than a full traditional fireplace. Not only is it less materials and work but it also happens much faster, an electric fireplace can easily be installed in under two days, and it requires much less technical knowledge.

Smoke Free & Hazard Free

Did you know that a buildup of debris in chimneys is one of the most common causes of house fires? By eliminating this factor you significantly reduce the chances of this hazard. No fire also means no smoke, which for many can aggravate asthma.

Lower Utility Costs

Another great thing about an eclectic fireplace unit is that it will use less electricity than your home’s heating system. If you are spending time in the common room and you’re only wanting to heat up that area and not the rest of the home, electric fireplaces are a great way to do that. Supplementing your existing heating system with an electric fireplace will save you money on your heating bill at the end of the month during the winter.

Lower Environmental Impact

In addition to all the benefits for you and your home, electric fireplaces also place less strain on the environment. Not only is electricity becoming an increasingly renewable source of energy through windmills and solar panels, but the lack of smoke going into the atmosphere also reduces your carbon footprint.

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