How to Decorate Your Fireplace During The Summer

It’s summertime, and while that means you most likely will not be preparing and lighting any fires (unless you have an unusually cold night), there’s no need to just completely neglect your fireplace until it gets chilly again. Rather than letting your fireplace become a vacant corner of your common space, with a little added effort and thought, your unlit fireplace can easily be transformed into a useful and decorative space that adds character to your home. Whether you’re looking for a simple one time solution for the summer, or you’re down for a more involved temporary transformation, we’re here to help with the top suggestions on how to make the most of your space this summer.

Stack Logs or Light Candles

This is one of the most common ways to decorate the empty space, and let others know that you are ready to go and fire up your hearth as soon as it cools down. You can also paint the logs fun colors for an even more vibrant and fun effect. Another common choice is to add a unique decorative candle holder and light candles at night time. This gives you a similar effect as a full fire but without all the heat. It is also a great way to bring in some summery scents and add light to your home. This is one of the easiest ways to decorate your fireplace, the setup takes no time at all and it won’t be a hassle to take down.

Install Art or Plant Life

Sculptures, paintings, glass blowings, if you’ve got a taste for art you definitely have options. This is a great way to add a more personal touch to your fireplace during the summer, still without too much setup or work. If you like, you can also add plans with decorative pots or vases to give you both art and beautiful growing plant life side by side. Mirrors are also a popular choice as they reflect light and are very easy to set up.

Create a Mini Theatre

This option is a little more involved, but is still easy enough and doesn’t require much skill. Many people love watching movies on projectors but they don’t always have a free wall to place it on. To perform this transformation, simply drape a heavy sheet white sheet or cardstock background over the fireplace, pick up a projector and adjust it until the frame is the right size. Before you know it you’ll have the perfect mini theatre in your home for movie night.

Convert it Into a Bookshelf

Adding a bookshelf into your fireplace is a great option for the summer, or year round if you have a nonfunctional decorative fireplace with no chimney. Simply clean the fireplace thoroughly, and add shelving as you see fit for both the space and the amount of books you wish to store. 

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