Fireplace Trends We Will See in 2021

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With every new year comes new trends! Fireplaces are included in that. Being able to change so many aspects of your fireplace and mantle, updating and staying trendy is easy. Here are some fireplace trends we will see in the months to come:

Emphasizing Your Fireplace Mantel

Using your fireplace mantel as a stylish piece of décor will be trendy this year. With many people doing away with even having a mantel, bringing it back in style will add a new element to anyone’s space. Modern, rustic, and Mediterranean types of mantels are said to what’s in style for 2021. These styles are versatile and easily made to be fitting for any living room or space in your home!

Natural-Textured Fireplaces

While the modern look was all the rage the past couple of years, many homeowners might be opting for a more natural and subtle look for their fireplaces in 2021. Modern materials are used to create these natural-looking fireplaces, though. Some materials you may see include concrete, Glass, metal, plaster, and wood. Concrete is a great option for those looking for a minimalist look, Glass is great for a transparent option, and metal is perfect for homeowners who want an industrial feel.

Tiled Fireplaces

Tiles are a reliable and trendy option to put on your fireplace. There are so many styles to choose from to fit your home’s decor and color scheme. There is pebbled tile, ceramic tile, glass mosaic tile, marble tile, and patterned tile. Pebbled tile is an eco-friendly option that might be one of the most popular materials for tiles. Ceramic is a classic material that will still have your fireplace looking trendy and chic. Glass can provide a modern touch along with a luxurious look!

TV Over Your Fireplace

More and more homeowners are caving in and placing their TV over their fireplace. Many people have had either mirrors or pictures above their mantel, but with the changing times and living rooms becoming a more casual space, TVs are making their way up there. The TV’s flatness mixed with something like a gas or electric fireplace provides a chic look to any home.

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How Fireplace Innovations Are Changing Home Design

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People enjoy spaces with fireplaces more than those without them. New advances with fireplaces has made it easier and more affordable to add them to more rooms than just a living room in your home. Having a fireplace in a bedroom or basement can add a calming ambiance, as well as style. In the past, adding a fireplace in a home in general was more of a challenge than it is today.

Dynamic Heat Control

For some rooms in your home, you want the heat from a fireplace to create warmth. In others, it’s just for the look. Adding in dynamic heat control, you can have a fireplace just for the style and aesthetic rather than for the use of heating. Adding a fireplace to a kitchen can make it a great gathering spot, but do you really want it heating an already warmer room? Dynamic heating can make it so it’s not expelling a ton of heat and keeps the unit cooler than normal.

Electric Innovations

The idea of having an electric fireplace could have been unappealing in the past. This day in age, electric fireplaces can add a modern type of elegance to any room in your home. Technology has advanced, and has made the look of the fake flames more realistic and believable. Electric fireplaces are a great option for homes with restrictive rules and regulation. This can include condos. These are the most cost-efficient fireplaces and can come in a range of designs and styles to fit any room in your house. Also, with electric you can choose whether or not to have the heat on. You can still enjoy the comfort and look of the flames without getting the room too warm.

Flexible Venting

Flexible venting allows you to put a fireplace in spaces that originally wouldn’t be able to sustain one due to plumbing, beams, and studs. Flex vents allow flexibility to be woven around obstacles in your home. They require a lot less joints than a typical fireplace vent while still being up to code for being a safe form of ventilation. Flex venting can also be cheaper way of having a fireplace installed, due to their being fewer pieces of equipment to install.

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Fireplace Trends We’ll See in 2020

Fireplaces seem to go in and out of style – and fast. 2019 brought back fireplaces as a focal point in living rooms, dining rooms, as well as bedrooms. Lets see what 2020 is predicted to have in store for us.

Linear Interior

In 2020, big, linear and contemporary fireplaces will be installed in homes. Not even just contemporary-styled homes, but even just in regular ones as well. Linear fireplaces are a versatile style and can be placed anywhere in a home. These are becoming more versatile and are found in more homes rather than just newer ones.

Large Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are expanding their size. A larger face area of the fireplace has a sense of elegance and prestige. In the past, fireplaces have has a more rectangle shape but are now becoming square. This makes a better area for the fire to be viewable to the room its in.

Flexibility of Fireplaces

Traditionally, fireplaces would require non-flammable materials to surround it such as brick, stone, or tile. Now there is technology that allows wood and wallpaper to surround it as well. It is also okay for TVs to be hung directly above without putting the TV at risk. 2020 will bring even more fireplace styles that stray from traditional.

Cornered Style

Open floor plans are becoming more and more common in new construction, as well as complete renovations. Adding a cornered fireplace can add a sense of division between parts of an open floor plan. It still leaves you with the open feeling, but differentiates parts of the room as a whole. A great way to add this style is by putting a textured design above the fireplace made of combustible materials.

Controlled Heat

Newer construction and renovation materials are made to be more insulated and energy-conscious than older ones. This results in not needing as much heat to keep a house warm. Having a fireplace with controllable heat options allows you to have it heat your home, but also not use too much energy. This is good if you want the fireplace to just have an aesthetically-pleasing look in whichever room it is in, without over-heating the area.

Smart Remotes for Your Fireplace

Gas fireplaces are a smart technology these days. They can be controlled by a remote, just like a TV. With this, you are able to maintain a certain temperature and save energy. It’s basically a portable thermostat. You can also set it to turn off at certain times, like at night if you want it on before bed.

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