5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Fireplace Inspected Before Spring

As the Winter raged on, fireplaces helped make homes warm and cozy. Now that Spring is upon us, it’s time to get a fireplace inspection. During the Winter, fireplaces are prone to accumulating dust, ash and other debris. Without a proper inspection, these items can cause blockages and decrease the efficiency of your fireplace. In this blog, we’ll discuss why now is the perfect time to get a fireplace inspection.


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Routine Fireplace Use Can Lead to Build Up

During the Winter months, fireplaces are used often to keep us warm. The constant use can lead to a build-up of debris inside the fireplace, including dust and ash. As these items build up, they can create blockages that can reduce the efficiency of your fireplace. Additionally, failing to clean out the build-up can also lead to dangerous situations, such as smoke inhalation and potential fires.

Importance of Getting Your Fireplace Inspected Annually

To keep your fireplace running properly, it’s important to have an inspection at least once a year. During this inspection, a professional can clean and inspect the fireplace for any potential blockages or hazards. They will also check the structure of the fireplace, as any structural issues can lead to potential damage. With a proper inspection, homeowners can ensure their fireplaces are safe and efficient.

When Is the Best Time to Schedule an Inspection?

Most homeowners mainly use their fireplaces during the Winter months, so it’s important to schedule an inspection before the Springtime. After several months of continuous use, the fireplace can become dusty and dirty. As the temperatures start to take a turn, now is the perfect time to get it inspected and cleaned out.


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Rising Temperatures Make It Easier to Schedule an Inspection

As temperatures rise, many homeowners are using their fireplaces less and less. With the decrease in use, now is the perfect time to get the inspection completed. During the Winter, it may be difficult to find a technician due to high demand. During Springtime, however, technicians are more readily available, making it easier to schedule your inspection.

Fireplace Inspections Prepare Your Appliance for Spring Shut Down

When Spring comes, many homeowners shut down their fireplaces for the season. To ensure things go smoothly when you’re ready to use it again, it’s important to get an inspection before you shut it down for the season. By getting an inspection now, homeowners can rest assured that their fireplaces will be running smoothly again by the time Winter comes around.

Getting Your Fireplace Inspected Before Spring Allows for Ample Time to Repair Any Issues

If your inspection reveals any issues or damages, it’s important to get them repaired as soon as possible. By getting the inspection before Spring, homeowners have ample time to locate a technician and repair any potential issues. Waiting until Fall or Winter to get the inspection may make it difficult to find a technician or repair any damages in time for the cold season.

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