Why Gas Fireplaces Need an Annual Inspection

Gas fireplaces are popular among homeowners, who see them as a low cost, low-maintenance alternative to traditional firewood. In fact, according to Angie’s List, 60% of homebuyers believe that a fireplace makes a potential home more attractive. While gas fireplaces certainly serve as a cozy home amenity, it’s a mistake to assume that they don’t require routine upkeep as well as an annual inspection. Here’s what you need to know.

Malfunctions Happen

Homeowners switching over from wood to gas fireplaces may not be familiar with the potential problems associated with them, if not maintained properly. Once you’ve had your gas fireplace for a few years, valves can begin leaking, connections can pull loose, and the thermopile on the logs–the probe that converts heat to electricity–can become worn out. Failing to address these issues can have potentially dangerous results, such as hazardous fires, or even explosions. An annual inspection can address these maintenance issues and provide a solution before they become serious.

Debris Can Become an Obstruction

When the airflow is restricted in a gas fireplace, you might notice a bad smell. Or worse, you might not notice at all–and could fall victim to carbon monoxide poisoning. How does this happen? Over the years, debris can accumulate in passageways, blocking ports and vents, and proper airflow can become restricted. Although natural gas is a clean burning fuel, it can still create soot, a particular matter that can build up over time and eventually form an obstruction. When this happens, deadly carbon monoxide gas can build up instead of escaping like it should. The National Fire Protection Association encourages homeowners to maintain regular inspections of their chimneys in order to prevent accidental carbon monoxide poisoning.

What Can You Expect From an Inspection?

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, a basic inspection ensures that all the readily accessible sections of your chimney’s interior and exterior are examined. The service technician will be able to check to see that your chimney is free of obstructions. An inspection will determine whether your log structure is lighting correctly, whether any repairs are needed, and whether the existing framework has any structural issues.

Fireplace Inspections and Maintenance in Canton MA

A blazing fire creates instant comfort and warmth in any home, but like any appliance, your fireplace requires annual upkeep and proper maintenance. Contact New England Hearth & Home today for your annual inspection. We would be happy to ensure your fireplace is flawlessly functioning and ready to keep you warm for many chilly nights to come.