How to Start a Fire in Your Gas Fireplace or Stove

There is no feeling quite like relaxing in front of a cozy fireplace on the coldest winter nights. Adding a fireplace into your home adds an extra sense of comfort and  a touch of classic design. Many families prefer installing a gas fireplace over other styles due to their low energy cost, as well as how easy they are to clean and maintain. To learn more about the different methods of properly starting a fire in your gas stove or fireplace, read on.

Steps to Take Before Turning On Your Gas Fireplace

Before attempting to start a fire in your gas stove or fireplace, it is important to properly prepare the room to keep your home safe. All flammable objects, materials, and wall hangings must be placed at least 3 feet away from the appliance to avoid a potential fire catching. In the case of a fire, you want to be sure that all of your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are working. Finally, and most importantly, you must make sure that all vents are opened and properly functioning to allow any toxins or smoke to escape your chimney. If you have not used your fireplace in an extended period of time and are not sure if it is safe to light, read our blog to learn the best steps to take, or contact us for a consultation. New England Hearth & Home offers expert annual inspections to catch any potential hazards and make any necessary repairs.

Method One: Using a Control Panel to Start Your Gas Fireplace

When operating a control panel to start up your gas fireplace or stove, the main idea is to begin by igniting the pilot light. When looking at the panel, there will be three choices; “on,” “off,” and “pilot.” To begin lighting, turn the knob towards the “pilot” position, which will start the flow of gas to your fireplace. Next, hold down the ignition button to light the flame. If the flame is continuing to burn after 30 seconds, you may release the button, turn the knob into the “on” position, and enjoy the warm glow. Depending on how long it has been since you last used your fireplace, it may take several attempts to press on the ignition button before success.

Method Two: Igniting Your Gas Fireplace or Stove with a Key Valve

Certain models of gas fireplaces will include a decorate slot and hex key that allows for simple ignition. Usually, the valve is located immediately next to your fireplace, or directly underneath on the floor. To begin, use a long lighter or lit match to ignite the burner while simultaneously turning the key into the slot. You should hear the hiss of gas as it begins to flow to your fireplace. Once the pilot light is lit, you can remove the light or match and use the hex key to control the height of the flames to your desire.

Method Three: Operating a Wall Switch to Light Your Gas Fireplace

More modern styles of gas fireplaces or stoves will include the installation of a wall switch or remote to control your appliance. Being the most simple and straightforward of all the methods, to start your fireplace you only need to follow the directional buttons on your control. You should be able to turn your fireplace on or off and adjust the height of the flames. Since these controls often are connected to your home’s main power supply, please note your fireplace will not work if there is a power outage.

What to Do If Your Gas Fireplace Doesn’t Start

There can be a number of reasons why you might be unsuccessful while trying to ignite your gas fireplace or stove. One of the more common problems is that the pilot light might be malfunctioning. You could also be running too much power through your circuit, causing a lack of energy running through your fireplace. In either of these cases, you might have to attempt to light it manually, or call a professional for further assistance. New England Hearth & Home offers year-round appointments for fireplace inspections, cleaning services, and repairs. Visit our website to learn more about our fireplace troubleshooting services and how to keep your fireplace running safely.

Contact Us for Gas Fireplace Maintenance, Installation, & Removal in Canton, MA

Taking the time to properly ignite a fire in your gas fireplace or stove is important for keeping it running safely and smoothly for many years to come. Due to their simple maintenance and low energy cost, gas fireplaces are very popular among households. By following these steps to start a fire in your appliance, you can enjoy even the coldest nights by staying toasty in your home. Call us today at (781) 562-0771 if you are looking to install a new gas fireplace or stove into your home, or if you are looking to clean your current appliance.

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