Fireplace Design Ideas for 2022

What’s better on a cold winter night than a cozy fireplace? There’s something about the ambiance that comes with a fire that simply can’t be matched. Fireplaces have been used in homes for almost as long as homes have existed! For the longest time, they were actually the only source of heat and provided a cooking surface. In 2022, a fireplace is less of a necessity and more of a design choice. Consider implementing some of these trendy design ideas to bring your fireplace into the modern age. 

Statement Mantle 

Fireplace mantles used to only go as high as they needed to for a functional fireplace, but why not take it a bit further? Extending the mantle all the way to the ceiling is a gorgeous way to create a focal point in any room. The continuous mantle makes the space feel larger and more luxurious than a smaller mantle would in the same space. This type of design looks especially stunning when timeless marble slabs are used. 

Natural Stone 

Natural stone is a popular choice for mantle materials as we head into 2022. Stick to the lighter-colored stones to maintain a modern, airy feel. Natural stone elements are the perfect way to make the home feel cozy without compromising on style. As an added bonus, natural stone matches everything! 

Keep it Minimal 

Hectic fireplace design is a thing of the past. Instead of an intricate tile pattern, consider a less is more approach for your fireplace design. Using simple materials in a basic pattern allows the fire itself to be the statement piece. A minimalistic fireplace that features crisp edges, neutral tones, and a mantel that goes to the ceiling is going to Wow anyone who enters the home. 

Functional Placement 

If you don’t have a lot of space for a huge, wood-burning fireplace, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some flames. Gas fireplaces can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit into just about any space. Installing a gas fireplace right below your mounted flat-screen TV is just one example of adding a fireplace without taking up too much space. The gas fireplace itself will only take up a small area of the wall below the TV, but the beauty and functionality it brings will be immeasurable! 

Learn More About Fireplace Design & Get a Quote

Keeping your fireplace trendy in 2022 is easier than you think. Rather you’re trying to rework your current design and bring it into the modern age or add a brand-new fireplace to your home, just trust the process! Contact New England Hearth & Home to schedule a consultation with a fireplace design expert. Our team can help you decide what fireplace design options are the best fit for the current trends and your personal style all at the same time. 

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