Dressing Your Fireplace For Summer

The blizzards, bitter cold days, and brutal winter months are finally behind us. As we step into the warmer, sunnier months of summer, we can’t wait to turn down the heat and crank the AC. You probably won’t be lighting your fireplace anytime soon, so why not turn your functional heating unit into a decorative piece for the summer? We’ve created a list of some of our favorite design ideas to keep your fireplace looking stylish all summer long!

Paint it Bright:

Rather than painting the entire room, adding a pop of color to your fireplace surround can create the same cheery effect, with about half the work. For a bold look, try a sunny yellow to liven up your space. If you’re feeling daring, spice it up with a chartreuse to quickly transform your interior. Or to obtain a more clean look, using a stark white can still brighten up the room with a more subtle touch. Add some pastel accents in and around the fireplace to still achieve a lighthearted summer look.

Create a Display:

Perhaps even easier than adding a coat of paint, creating a simple display inside of your fireplace can be a unique way to dress it up.  A ceramic vase of hand-picked flowers or long twirly twigs can bring a touch of nature into your room. Grab an antique statue that’s been lying around for years, or that hand-woven basket you never knew what to do with, and place it in your fireplace. You can even turn traditional logs into decorative pieces by painting and carefully stacking them in and around your fireplace. Try installing a mirror to bounce natural light all around the room and make your space appear even larger.

Decorative Screen Divider:

For the simplest solution of all, choose a decorative screen divider to hide your empty fireplace for the summer. Choose any design or color you’d like to make your fireplace pop. You can even make it a DIY project by using removable wallpaper on an existing foldable screen!


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