Can an Electric Fireplace Lower My Heating Bills?

While it might not seem like the most practical way to heat your home today, installing an electric fireplace actually can help keep your heating bills low during the cold winter months. An electric fireplace not only creates a special warm, cozy atmosphere in your home, but it also gives you the benefit of being able to turn down your regular furnace without depriving you of the ambiance or visual focal point of a fire.

How Electric Fireplaces Lower Utility Bills

There are a few ways that electric fireplaces can help you lower your utility bills. One of the main factors here is that you don’t have to heat your entire home with your fireplace insert- you can be much more selective and just heat the common areas while lowering the general temperature on your house-wide heating system by a few degrees. This is great to do throughout the day when house members are mostly in the common space, or even at night too when everyone is in their beds under the covers.

Electric Fireplace Vs Traditional Fireplace

Another benefit is that with an electric fireplace, you don’t have to use as much heating fuel since it’s a more effective way to heat a room. It does a very good job of warming up a home without taking as much energy from your regular heating system. If you do decide to install a wood-burning fireplace later on, remember that it will take more energy to maintain the temperature in your house and you’ll also be dealing with the hassle of chopping logs and hauling them around.

Why Fireplace Inserts Are The Best Choice

Electric fireplaces are great because they come in so many different styles and designs that can fit into almost any space or décor. You can find electric fireplaces that look just like real wood burning fireplaces, or you can find beautifully designed fireplaces that offer a much more modern and sleek look.

What about gas fireplaces?

Gas fireplaces produce heat that results in higher utility bills than those due to electric fireplaces or wood-burning stoves. A gas fireplace produces heated air that is blown into the room with fans attached to the unit. These forced drafts increase heating costs and source another indoor air pollution problem besides carbon monoxide poisoning. Newer models eliminate these draft problems by introducing sealed combustion technology so they burn cleaner with cleaner air.

Where Should I Put My Electric Fireplace?

To get the most out of your electric fireplace, place it in a room that you will be using often, especially if you live in the north east where we get a lot of snow. For more tips on how to get the most out of your electric fireplace, or for advice on how to install one, give us a call at (781)562-0771 or contact us here for a free quote on a brand new fireplace.

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