Our Best Fireplace Tips for Winter

It’s officially winter, and that means it’s peak fireplace season! If you don’t have much experience using your fireplace yet, don’t fear! We’ve put together a mini guide on how to get the most out of your fireplace this season, and also stay safe while you do it! Your fireplace is a great way to stay cozy all winter, so keep reading and learn how to become a master fire keeper!

Close The Chimney Flue When You’re Done

Make sure once the fire is out that you close your flue to avoid any cold air coming into your home, or letting out the warm air you just produced with your fire.

Pre-Chop Your Firewood

Dry wood burns the best, so it’s always best to chop as much firewood ahead of time and store it in a warm and dry place so it’s ready to burn at a moments notice. Always make sure that your firewood is stacked away from any flammable materials, and at least 2 1/2 feet high. The best way to do this is to use a firewood rack or start stacking them in between walls.

Clean it Regularly

While you probably had your fireplace cleaned at the beginning of the season, it isn’t a one time thing! Make sure after every few fires you take a look at your flue to make sure there isn’t any soot or creosote building up which can be a hazard to you or your chimney.

Watch Your Fires Closely

As your fires burn, please don’t leave them unattended, even if they are small and you’re letting them die out. You never know what nearby items might fly into the fire and cause it to flare up.

Have The Right Tools on Hand

Make sure you have access to all the right fireplace tools, such as pokers, shovels, tongs and brooms. Again, having these tools readily available is crucial in case you need to clear out your fireplace or chimney (or perform some other maintenance on them). If you don’t have the right tool for the task at-hand, then you could risk causing additional damage to your chimney and/or fireplace. There are also times when it may be safer just to let a fire burn itself out.


Contact New England Hearth & Home

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